Let's Head To Sea: How To Make The Most Of Your Family Cruise

School will be starting soon. It's time to plan your end-of-summer family vacation. If you've been putting off taking your family on a Disney cruise, it's time to stop putting it off. Disney cruises provide something for everyone, including the kids, which make them the perfect vacation for the entire family. When you work with an Adventures by Disney travel agent, you can get just the trip you're looking for. If you've never been on a Disney cruise before, you'll need to prepare for the adventure. Here are some travel suggestions that will help you get the most enjoyment out of your cruise.

Be Prepared for That First Day

As soon as you board the cruise ship, you'll notice that your luggage didn't come with you. It's not lost. It's just being brought on board from a different area of the ship. Once it's all on board, the luggage will be sorted out and delivered to each stateroom. That means you might not see your luggage for a while. If you have children or special needs such as prescription medication, make sure you pack your essentials in a separate bag. If you're going to be swimming or enjoying any of the other activities that the cruise has to offer, you should pack a few of other essential items, such as swimsuits, in a separate bag as well. If you have small children, be sure to use a separate carry-on bag for the items you'll need for them during your first day on the ship.

Get Up Early and Enjoy the Quiet

You might have been planning on sleeping in during your cruise. However, just about all the other passengers will be doing the same thing. That means you'll have the ship to yourselves for a few hours. You can take a walk and watch the sunrise. Or, you can enjoy a cup of coffee all by yourself on one of the many decks. Whatever you decide to do, get up early and enjoy the peace-and-quiet.

Plan for Some Alone Time

While you're on your family cruise, don't forget to plan some alone time or some couples time without the kids. There are plenty of things for the kids to do, and they'll be well-supervised while they're doing them. Send them off to one of the many kid's clubs while you enjoy some much-needed adult relaxation. Head back to your stateroom for a nap, or sign up for a couples massage in one of the spas.

Don't let the summer end without an end-of-season family vacation. Talk to a travel agent about booking a Disney cruise for you and your family. 

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